Airport Shinanigans And People Watching

Bao Menglong on Unsplash

Today I traveled from Minneapolis to Chicago to Rochester, New York. The flights were short and easy. I had an hour and a half in Chicago to get a meal and go to the bathroom.

I didn’t have to run to my gates. I didn’t have to hold my “water” as I have had to do on some trips.

I was “scanned” in Minneapolis by TSA three times because I set the metal detector off. The second scan (but the first x-ray scanner) “wasn’t good” so I had to go back again. This will make my husband laugh because I usually have to be scanned or “felt up.” I’ve missed it on my last two trips. It was time again.

Security issues aside, airports are great places to people-watch. I find people, their behaviors, and mannerisms interesting. Today was no different.



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