April showers bring May Flowers.

Raindrops on blossoms. Photo by author

Today — May first, it’s one of my favourite months of the year because of the tremendous transformations occurring in nature. Buds appear on trees and bushes. Bulbs sprout out of the ground. The grass turns greener.

I love to wander my neighbourhood capturing these moments of regeneration with my camera. The intricacies of a flower are frequently overlooked; our gaze often focused on their general beauty. The evolution of a bud to a leaf missed. Grass trod on unappreciatively.

We complain when it rains because we get wet or outdoor activities curtailed. We selfishly forget its importance for renewal and growth.

Think of the rain as the infuser of life. The watering can for buds, a drink for the bulbs and fertilizer for grass.

Cloud tears.

There’s nothing more beautiful than drops on a freshly bloomed leaf.

Barbara Dalton

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