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Are You Feeling Befuddled? This Is How You Can Calm Your Mind.

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There are days when I am juggling several moving parts.

It gets overwhelming. The mind is overworked. Nothing constructive is produced. I feel utterly befuddled.

My go-to solution is a mindmap.

The British Author Anthony Buzan had popularized the mind mapping technique.

The tool can be used for any level of activities — from daily life to a large-scale project.

How does it help?

#1: You organize the tangled thoughts by writing them down, segregating the broader items into different nodes to form a homogeneous group of activities.

#2: You can color-code them — Red, Amber, and Green. Red are burning issues and Green can be tackled later.

#3: Seeing the thoughts on paper calms your mind, and prioritizing them brings clarity for action.

Why don’t you try?




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