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Are You Suffering From Low Productivity at Work?

Try this Work Arrangement

The Instagram AI recommendation engine is omniscient. It has pestered me to read Brian Tracy’s 2018 book Eat That Frog!

Last weekend I decided to eat that frog.

My First Action and Result

This is what I did after reading the book. I got instant results.

  1. I cleared up my work desk except for a pencil and a pen.
  2. Phone on DND mode.
  3. Picked up one major work from my work pile. One sheet of printout as the work input on the desk. Nothing else to remove any distractions.
  4. I opened the spreadsheet app on my desktop.
  5. Began a Pomodoro.
  6. 23 minutes later the job was done! Earlier, it would take a LOT of time with 10x distractions and delays.

Go read the book.

Enhance your productivity.



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