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Bewitching Flavors

It’s the halo around a stoic saint.

It goes deep, deep, deep. Unforgettable once tasted. I’ve been mentally searching for that flavor. Refined yet complex, savory yet sweet, substantial yet light.

Memories of someone cooking for us are warming: The joy of fulfilling the senses and the belly. A force that propels us forward. I retrieved this photo of wok-seared sea cucumber in a secret yellow sauce from a year ago. Sea cucumber is precious, nutritious, and lubricates our joints. But it’s bland. It was the exceptional sauce I crave.

Butternut squash for the tight consistency and heart-warming color. Long-simmered chicken broth as the base. The secret? The broth swallowed a sliver of the coveted Yunam ham that raised the sauce to a tantalizing, kokumi level.

Our Earth loves us to the core.




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