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Crime Always Pays — Chapter Forty-Eight

Raven wasn’t sure why the officers summoned her to the station. The message said very little; she hadn’t spoken to them in months.

The crank calls kept coming, but there was never a voice, only short gasps. Raven knew this was little to go on.

“I’m here,” Raven said. She noticed the officer’s lack of eye contact when she spoke her first words.

“Raven, I brought you here because I wanted to tell you in person. We’re closing Tyler’s case.”

“But you can’t. The thug is still out there, and besides, Tyler deserves more.”

“I’m sorry, but we have a full caseload, and after ten years with no activity, we figure it’s time to move on.”

“So, how’s he doing, anyway?” Officer Morgan interjected.

“The same.” Raven sighed. “I won’t let this go.”

“We figured that. If anything changes, please let us know.”



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Karen Schwartz

Aspiring bestselling novelist, featured writer for The Daily Cuppa, kindness specialist, lover of short-form and chocolate.