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Crime Always Pays — Chapter One Hundred-Eleven

Raven smoothed the linens and fluffed the pillows to prepare for Stan’s arrival. When done, she flashed a smile of contentment.

She then glanced at her cell phone. It was almost time. Raven promised to pick Stan up from the hospital, get him settled at home, then rush to the office to pick up the gym bags containing the men’s money and the mysterious box.

Stan’s discharge was seamless, as was his homecoming. Once comfortable in bed, Stan sent Raven on her way.

It took several trips to pack all the bags into her car’s trunk and the office dolly to retrieve the box. She wondered what made it so heavy. As she returned to Stan’s home, Raven prayed no police officer would stop her.

How would she explain the trunk’s contents when even she didn’t know?



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Karen Schwartz

Aspiring bestselling novelist, featured writer for The Daily Cuppa, kindness specialist, lover of short-form and chocolate.