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December Dailies

A self-care project

author’s journal

How do you unplug and practice self-care?

That’s the question that lies behind both my new journal and one monthly challenge I’m doing this month.

December Dailies was created as a way to journal each day and celebrate the holiday season.

I will be taking part this year, even though I’m not a Christmas girl. Sure, there will be days where I feel festive- seeing the Santas of the World exhibit, Christmas lights, and making chocolates. I’m sure there will be pages that showcase these events.

However, I’m focusing my 31 days on inspiration- whether it be ideas (like a decluttering hack) or a quote that sparks something within me.

Journaling and scrapbooking have always been ways that I unplug. It’s time to create something that will inspire throughout the year as well as have time each day for self-care.



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