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Four Types of Notebooks to Try This Summer

I use these daily

current journals, photo by me

I’ve changed my line-up a lot in the last year. I stopped using the bullet journal and began using a bigger variety.

  1. Fauxbonichi: It’s known for being a combination of layout and text. The goal is create a page or spread per day, based on everyday life.
  2. My creative journal: collages and art journaling. It’s no pressure and perfect for experimenting.
  3. My free-write notebook: It’s my cleanser. Set a timer and whatever comes to mind goes in that journal.
  4. My book journal: It keeps track of what I’ve read, and my thoughts. Some months offer a 5-bullet point review of each book.

Journaling is a unique experience, customizable for the user. There are many formats, whether you want to write pages of text or draw out your emotions.



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