Haircut Angst

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Yesterday, I went to a new stylist in a different town. I figured out she’s the sixth stylist I’ve had in the last twenty-five years. For most of those years, my friend was my stylist — she lived up the road and cut my hair in her kitchen or mine when convenient.

This worked until we both got too busy with kids, commitments, and work obligations. After worrying, I finally went to a new stylist in town. After two years, she married, divorced, and moved to Canada.

So, I went to the girl she shared her salon with. That worked until I moved three hours away in 2022. I found someone on a recommendation and she did a good job. But, I’ve missed two appointments this year; I just forgot.

Too embarrassed to go back, I tried someone new yesterday. We’ll see.



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