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Here I am, writing my novel for the 230845723463 time, and I can’t figure out how to get from where I am to where I want to be. I need to plan.

I’ve been told all along, “You should at least have a general outline of where you’re going and where you want to end up.” Me being me, “Naw, I’ve got this, I can do it.”

BALONEY! It keeps hitting me over the head every time I change something, “If I’d had at the bare minimum a rough outline, I'd saved myself so much time and grief.”

Yeah yeah. So I’m stubborn and have to learn the hard way?




Wow! Did you notice that? It was your day flying by. This publication is your place to enjoy stories of 150 words or fewer about plants and people, wild animals and pets, gardens and food, how-to and how-not-to — written to inform and delight. Did I mention humor?

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Lucia Sugafield

Lucia Sugafield

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