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Holy Toledo! Wanna’ Know the Astounding Bidirectional Power of Holy Basil?

Holy Toledo! Wanna’ Know The Astounding Bidirectional Power of Holy Basil? by Nancy Blackman. holy basil, herbs, herb, holy basil, health, herbal health, food, india
Image by Sutej Arts from Pixabay

A few years back, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, and my naturopath recommended I investigate adaptogen herbs. They’re bidirectional—lifting you when you’re low, moderating you when you’re anxious.

One of the power herbs of adaptogens is Holy Basil. It has medicinal properties that help with anxiety, depression, cognitive issues…




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Nancy Blackman

Nancy Blackman

6X Top Writer. Editor: The Shortform, MIDFORM, CRY Magazine. Owner: Refresh the Soul. Published in “Mixed Korean: Our Stories.”

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