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I couldn’t sleep one night, so I decided to work my way through my reading list. Every time I see a title that looks interesting, I add it. I knew I had over 200 stories saved, but I didn’t know the exact number.

I read a lot, for over two hours. A cup of chamomile tea didn’t help. I just wasn’t tired.

The dog came over to sleep beside me on the couch, then went back to bed. A little later, he walked out again, whined at me, and went back to bed. He was…




Wow! Did you notice that? It was your day flying by. This publication is your place to enjoy stories of 150 words or fewer about plants and people, wild animals and pets, gardens and food, how-to and how-not-to — written to inform and delight. Did I mention humor?

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Kim Zuch

Kim Zuch

I write about nature, birdwatching, the outdoors, and conservation issues. I like to share pictures and sometimes my dogs show up. Twitter: @kimclawson2

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