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I Enjoy Destroying Books

Journaling in July

photo by me

Junk Journal July is a biannual challenge on Instagram created by Megjournals. Each day has a prompt. The challenge is to use your stash of crafting supplies as well as things you find in everyday life to complete a journal page. Some supplies can include: gift bags, receipts, paper coasters, bookmarks, parts of the packaging, and cut-out images.

I wanted to use the things I already have this month as I work to complete the challenge. I started by altering a book that was on its way to the thrift shop. I ripped out three pages for each set of three that I kept.

There’s something oddly satisfying in transforming things. The rip of the paper made me happy as I cleared the way for my new journal. Now, to find something to do with the removed pages.



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