I Think the Aphids Are Winning

But I’m fighting back

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May 23, 2024


Photo by Kim Zuch.

I was mowing the grass when I noticed a grayish tint on at the base of a tree. Looking closer, I was horrified to see thousands of little white insects covering the ground and tree trunk.

Google told me they were Woolly Aphids. I looked closely at the leaves. Sure enough, they were curled up and the tree was looking stressed.

My coworker’s family owns a pest control company, so I texted him pictures. He said if I sprayed the ground and tree trunk with soapy water, I had a chance of stopping the infestation.

I’ve been spraying for two days now. Their numbers are dwindling, but the aphids are still there. I’m using a mix of dish soap with water in a spray bottle, spot-treating as necessary.

Wish me luck!



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