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It Only Took Seven Anguished Years to Replace Coffee with Matcha

mixing matcha powder with whisk on left, lower right: matcha latte: upper right: “I Love You So Matcha.” It Only Took Seven Anguished Years to Replace Coffee with Matcha by Nancy Blackman, food, herbal health, health
Created in Canva by Nancy Blackman

But who’s counting.

The long story of my adrenal fatigue and thyroid recovery required me to do some major lifestyle changes, one being to quit the coffee. Blasphemy, right?

Not so fast.

When I finally made the switch to a hot morning matcha latte, it did take me seven years, but now I can’t imagine…




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Nancy Blackman

Nancy Blackman

6X Top Writer. Editor: The Shortform, MIDFORM, CRY Magazine. Owner: Refresh the Soul. Published in “Mixed Korean: Our Stories.”

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