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It’s Real

A poem I wrote in lockdown March 2020

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

So, this is real.
No classes. No lunches.
No catching up with friends.
The hours meld together,
The days have no end and no beginning.




Wow! Did you notice that? It was your day flying by. This publication is your place to enjoy stories of 150 words or fewer about plants and people, wild animals and pets, gardens and food, how-to and how-not-to — written to inform and delight. Did I mention humor?

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Adrienne Beaumont 🇦🇺

Adrienne Beaumont 🇦🇺

I’m an Australian who loves to write about travel and my daily life as a mother and grandmother as well as my past experIences- all true. I publish almost daily

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