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Jun 13, 2024

It’s so hot and humid today — please come in and have a cuppa tea and a laugh.

Katie’s Teapot by Katie Michaelson.

I have one of those neighbors you’d like to rant about, but it would not be nice.

What if they read on social media?

I put bowls of vinegar and dish soap by the fence so my neighbor’s flies could have a bubble bath.

They like it!

They won’t get out!

When friends visit, be sure they know what colors to wear to coordinate with your garden.

Katie and best friend.

That’s the fence in the photo.

And fly ladies’ yellow house.

Two questions:

2) What’s your favorite tea?

Wise Woman Says:

Before going to the library, check to be sure your hot pink capris are not inside out.

Have a day full of joy and laughter. 💛



Katie Michaelson
The Daily Cuppa

I've lived! Retired therapist, fosrter and adoption specialist, and researcher. Farmer, gardener for 55 years, crafter, storyteller, tutor, and mentor.