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The Daily Cuppa

Girl sitting alone in a dark room looking out of the window at the moon
Image by Ajay kumar Singh from Pixabay

It happens in those moments of nothingness. You’re swirling in a sinister, bottomless whirlpool of the endless void. The edgeless, colorless abyss that is cold and sharp expands gradually. You feel a deep longing that is unarticulated, immeasurable, and indiscernible.

Thoughts appearing out of nowhere convey a faint glimmer of warmth. In that brief instant, they permeate and fill the hollow spaces. You try to look, but all you see is emptiness. Soon everything collapses into a vacuum…



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Esther George

Writer • Dreamer • Storyteller • She writes about discovering and living your best life now because life is truly what you make it.