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Little Red

(Hunting Smiles)

Esteban Arango

The morning sun, yet to arrive.
We move early, in such a hurry.
With need to survive.

We drag like zombies.
Hearts still heavy, feeling the loss.

Soldering on, instinct’s way.
To meet the light of day.

One hour, two, and then four.
Moments lost, worries galore.

A reflection nuisance, plague my eyes.

Turns out to be our saving grace, in disguise.

The first light upon the body of waves.

Signals hello and invitation to stay.

“We’ve made it,” I mention noticing the steep decline to reach waters edge.

There seems no excitement, all wear the absence of Jack in gloom.

“Who do you think will be the best swimmer?” I toss out.

Rachel says, “I know I have Maggie at an advantage”.

Little, without looking up says, “We’ll just see about that!”

Maggie pecks Rachel's rump to concur.

I pray for happier times.




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