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Dec 7, 2021

Many moons ago, I was watching The Simpsons with my son. Homer was, as usual, doing something foolish while Bart was up to no good.

“Homer is just like Dad,” Jarryn said.

“If your Dad reminds you of Homer, who reminds you of you?” I asked.


I expected that answer and predicted that I’d be compared to Marge. Minus the blue hair, I’d probably fit neatly with that comparison.

I asked anyway.

“If Dad’s Homer and you’re Bart, who do I remind you of?”


A prompt answer without hesitation.

That threw me off guard.

Lisa? Not Marge? I couldn’t help myself; I had to ask.

“Why? Why Lisa?”

“Well, Mum, it’s because you’re smart and you know lots of stuff, but you’re always grumpy.”

Righto, sorry I asked.

Thanks for reading, Sandi xx

A ten year old boy wearing a “Yeah Nothing Rhymes With Bart” shirt
Jarryn in his “Yeah Nothing Rhymes With Bart” shirt | Photo Credit Sandi Parsons



Sandi Parsons
The Daily Cuppa

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