March 14th

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Mar 14, 2024


Max LaRochelle

‘Tis a morning of rain and lightning across the land and my thoughts.

Spring promises the bloom of color and fragrance. But at the moment, each seems something to read about in a magazine, not experience firsthand.

Patience is mine only in a constant effort as I reach for a flower of choice. a refined palette and prayer that I will be fortunate in the outcome.

I have always loved the energy of the storm, the burst of light, and the thunderous shaking of the earth.

A sensuality complimenting the flower’s petal and delicate nature. I look forward to inhaling its aroma.

To admire its beauty against the dawn light within my touch and eye gaze.

These are the moments our souls speak to what is of great importance.

In the deception of storm external and within.

I Feel the cloud wall traveling through my heart.


The Daily Cuppa

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