Mozart — Requiem

in D minor
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1 min readMar 5, 2022



Night finds me outside the cemetery gates, without recollection of travel or where I had been.

In rising of the moon I see you just the other side, behind a freshly dug grave with a headstone of Israel marble.

You seem as out of place as the stone itself. Antique gold polished slab with a name yet to be placed as your foreground, draped in crimson velvet trimmed in a black French seam.

Smiling in welcome, as if you’re expecting me; as if I am running late for an appointment.

The fog travels the grassland to greet me, opening the gate inward as if to indicate my entry.

Clearly, I am dreaming for this place does not exist in my time or town.
As I turn to leave, you call my name, asking me to join you.

The trickle of concern begins to strike my heart’s pounding.


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