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My Copy of ‘Huey, No!’ Arrived…

Barb Dalton
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Jun 18, 2024


I’m as excited as Karen Schwartz is. For as long as I’ve been on Medium, she’s wanted to be a published author.

Her dream came true! I’m delighted for you Karen.

In collaboration with her talented, artistic mom, the book is about Huey the kitty’s mischievous antics.

Huey is a real, live furry tornado. Karen adopted him after her beloved Skye passed somewhat unexpectedly. Her followers have enjoyed reading about his escapades in her Medium stories and now, he will be even more famous!

Although I don’t have any kids to read the book to, I had to have a copy to place proudly on my bookshelf. How cool is it to say I know — and have met — this wonderful lady?

The book is adorable; judging by the reviews on Amazon, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Congratulations Karen!



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