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Jun 16, 2024

My son was born on Father’s Day.

a realistic vector drawing of a smiling man with dark black hair and horn-rimmed glasses and casual clothes staring down at his newborn light-haired son against a pale green background
“Father and son:” Author-prompted AI-generated image w/ DALL-E 3

10 years ago.

The love affair started there and continues as I watch them today.

Our oldest chatters on and my partner looks at his kid with the same grin he wore on the day our son was born.

Our youngest is silent as he reads, snuggled up against his dad who leans down to kiss his toe-head.

They’re perfect there, my sweet guys.

Father’s Day has always been a special one for our family since it is officially the day that made my partner a dad.

And though I think he was born to be a father, we are all so grateful that he’s ours.

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A A McRae
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