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Nature’s lesson in patience: waiting for the perfect shot can be tedious.

A brown and grey sparrow sits on a wooden deck. The wood is grey and is wet.
Photo property of Crystal Garrett

The rain today is perfect. It’s falling sleepily from the sky, soaking the thirsty ground.

My husband and I are waiting for a shift in our circumstances. It feels so dry where we are currently. I planted grass seeds to repair the yellow spots from the dog in case something shifts soon, and we get to move before fall. The gentle rain is better for growing grass than the water from a hose.




Wow! Did you notice that? It was your day flying by. This publication is your place to enjoy stories of 150 words or fewer about plants and people, wild animals and pets, gardens and food, how-to and how-not-to — written to inform and delight. Did I mention humor?

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