On Self-love 🩷

How do you love yourself?


Photo by Drop the Label Movement on Unsplash

You teach people how to love you by the way you love yourself.

Loving yourself sets the tone for all your future healthy relationships.

If you come from a space of insecurity and unworthiness, all your relationships around you see that, feel that and react to that.

But if you come from a space of self-love, your personality automatically demands that love back without you trying too hard.

Basically, if your vibration is that of love, that is what you will get back.

May you always be immersed in self-love 💗🪷

With love, Zeenat Merchant Syal, M.A, M.Sc
{Counseling Psychologist|Spiritual Counselor}



Zeenat Merchant Syal, M.A, M.Sc
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