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Our Deals With God

Photo by Rodnae from Pexels

Yesterday, my aunt told me she gave a gold crown to the idol at her temple because her son was accepted to a prestigious college.

In India, we call this mannat. You pray for something to happen and promise to give something back to God(ess) if fulfilled.

This got me thinking.

Who are YOU to give to Him/Her?

Isn’t (S)He the one who provides for everything?

Why only if fulfilled?

What happens when it is not? The agreement is null and void?

Do you really think God can be bribed?

Have you perceived Her/Him to be someone who will be enticed into doing something in exchange for a material object?

Has everything in life become transactional?

Can we not think beyond self-interest?

Give some thought.

N.B: I know I have included both genders because I believe that divinity has no specific one.



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