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Professional Wrestling Still Makes the Best Background Noise

a “bad” writing habit?

I haven’t been doing great with NaNoWriMo project this month. It’s been a draining month in my personal life.

If I can do 4 sets of 5,000 words and 1 set of 2,000 words, I could still hit my word goal.

Normally, I love Neil Gaiman’s advice of having a quieter routine. You write or you do nothing.

However, when it comes to binge writing, I need background noise. For some reason, wrestling playing in the background keeps me grounded and focused.

I sit in a chair by the TV and throw on an episode of RAW (3 hours) or SmackDown (2 hours). Occasionally, I’ll get drawn into the action (especially when Drew McIntyre shows up… sexy and Scottish) However, it works better for me than anything other kind of media.



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