Still Turning Heads

One, anyway

Cindy Shore Smith
The Daily Cuppa
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Jun 23, 2021
Photo by author’s husband

I’ve loved a sorcerer for 45 years. When we’re together, I’m 19 again — young and beautiful.

Either he’s secretly taking acting classes or is sincere when he says, “You look amazing.” I don’t much care which.

The moment he leaves, I turn back into an old crone.

Photo by author

Yesterday we had a conversation about hair. Graying is my concern, while my love mused about his balding patch. We took photos of the backs of one another’s heads.

I pulled up the pictures. With the same sense of wonder, we both said, “Oh wow.”

He needn’t worry. I still see the gorgeous man I married more than four decades ago.

I’ve been prideful about never coloring my hair. But forever’s a long time.

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