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Thankful for Dark, Stormy Nights

and their calm

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

“It’s going to rain tonight” my husband warns, handing me the kimono I’d left outside. Sudden glee hits me.

Lately, I’ve been turning nocturnal again. My body has slowly been conditioned to be productive for any time window. It’s adapted to being awake at 3 am to open Taco Bell for 5 am breakfast. It’s lived through closing two stores, a work schedule of 2 pm-3 am. Now, I’m letting it return to its desired settings. It craves the night.

Stormy nights are perfect.

The thunder provides a soundtrack to the horror or thriller I’m reading. It’s atmospheric and more enjoyable background noise than silence.

The lightning provides sudden beauty out of darkness. Interrupting the nothingness.

Before the storm is a perfect time outdoors — nice and cool, in comparison to hot days. It’s good for reflection.



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