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The 7th Month of the Chinese Calendar — Hungry Ghost Festival

When Hell’s gate opens…

The souls of the deceased will wander the streets. Offerings; burning incense, and candles will line the streets to appease these trapped — lost souls.

We will pray that no harm comes to us. We pray for safety.

This is the one month where my late Ah Ma would say, “Bring laundry in before the sun goes down. Leave nothing outside.” It is a strange superstition, but we did it anyway.

It is a ‘festival’ in Chinese Asian countries and I was told it’s the busiest month for funeral parlors. 🥴

Chinese believes when one dies, the children of the deceased will burn offerings for these souls to go to the ‘other world.’ But for those without children, they turn to become a wandering hungry ghosts. 👻

But only for a month!



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