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woman in holey jeans walking a beagle on a dirt path. beagle. walk. life lessons.
Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

The day my elderly gentleman, Reggie the Beagle, taught me to slow down. If you know anything about beagles, they are slow. Speed settings are slow, slower, and slowest.

One day, we headed out the door. As soon as I hit the sidewalk, he pulled me to go over to the wet, grassy area. As I stood there, I looked up. I saw the color of the house across the street — something I hadn’t noticed in the 2.5 years we had lived there. My eyes scanned the horizon. I noticed the hills at the top of…



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Nancy Blackman, MASF

8X Top Writer. Editor: CRY Magazine. Owner: Refresh the Soul and The Shortform. Published in “Mixed Korean: Our Stories.”