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This Year, I’m “Earning” Books

a 2023 Project

I came across an idea from Barb of Barb’s Bookland (on youtube) for my book stacks this year.

For each book you read, you set aside a certain amount of money. At an interval of your choosing, you can reward yourself with the amount you’ve “earned”.

I came up with the system of:

Library Books/ARC: $1

Owned Books/audio under 500 pages: $2

Owned Books/audio over 500 pages: $5

Sidenote: I’ll be using Goodreads to check how many pages for audio.

I think it’s an amazing system. It’ll force me to actually read what I’ve purchased in the past. It also serves the function of thinking through purchasing options, keeping a wish list and controlling where money flows.

I also think that this could be easily applied to other things than books.



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