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The solution Photo by Keeley Schroder

To every problem, there is a solution. Here’s how my daughter figured out to keep the baby from hurting her dog. Poor Phoenix is already in enough pain with a torn ACL and definitely doesn’t need a baby pulling her tail as well.

This is Keeley’s lounge room. The large lounges have been temporarily moved to the garage as Phoenix isn’t allowed to jump on anything as she may do further damage or cause herself more pain.




Wow! Did you notice that? It was your day flying by. This publication is your place to enjoy stories of 150 words or fewer about plants and people, wild animals and pets, gardens and food, how-to and how-not-to — written to inform and delight. Did I mention humor?

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Adrienne Beaumont 🇦🇺

Adrienne Beaumont 🇦🇺

I’m an Australian who loves to write about travel and my daily life as a mother and grandmother as well as my past experIences- all true. I publish almost daily

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