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Our meeting spot at the top of Mt Gravatt. Photo by the author.

Today I am meeting some old friends in both senses of the word. We all taught at the same primary school back in the eighties and have remained friends ever since.

Once a term, we catch up for lunch. It’s lovely to see us all ageing gracefully together. All of us bar one have retired from teaching and our days are mostly our own.

Our husbands, kids and grandkids get a brief mention, but what we chat about most is the books we are reading, movies we have seen and what we’re watching on Netflix.

I’ve just finished binge watching The Last Kingdom, Outlander and Anne of Green Gables. I listen to my friends’ recommendations.

“Have you watched Ozark? Oh, you must!”

Guess what I’m watching now?

Written by Adrienne Beaumont: living and learning



Adrienne Beaumont

I’m an Australian who loves to write about travel and my daily life as a mother and grandmother as well as my past experiences.