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Unexpected Greeting-109

Of the unnatural kind

I wonder if there is some unwritten rule about prison cells being in the basement. Perfect!, the bastard shut the lights off.

Losing track of time, but not concerned about Jacklyn and the priest’s safety; I Rethink the events, not one of the cops mentioned the body on the floor as they removed me.

Maybe that’s why the priest shut the door. It all happened so quickly that maybe it went unnoticed.

Why were they even there in the first place, did they know I was there, or were they tipped off when talking to Davis? What if he has been playing me all along, will the FBI show up, is there evidence to exonerate me?

I have to stop letting the confinement get to me, I trust Davis.

They want me to trip out and yell so I’ll try to sleep.



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