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Unexpected Greeting-115

Of the unnatural kind

When I come to, two more gentlemen in suits have joined the party.

“Mr. Jackson?”


“Sir, I’m agent Roger Madly and this is my partner George Smith. We’ve taken over jurisdiction on this case. I’m going to take you to the hospital, do you understand?”


“Mr. Smith is going to remain behind to secure evidence and hear the officers dialog.”

“The video from the camera behind you should tie things up nicely.”

The sergeant bites his lip and the others grow nervous.

“Have you heard from Officer Davis, I haven’t since he brought me in?”

“Sir, let's get you some medical attention, we can talk afterwards.”

I felt the telltale punch to the gut and knot in my throat. I’d have to wait to hear what I already suspect.

Agent Madly helps me exit the cell and head upstairs.



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