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Unexpected Greeting-21

Of the unnatural kind

Cats Coming

Once in town, I walked the sidewalks to learn the area before discovering an unassuming restaurant serving breakfast.

The atmosphere was calm, and the room relatively empty so I sat down in an inconspicuous corner table where I might go unnoticed.

My server who also happened to be the owner, brought me coffee and an artful array of toast to get me started. I felt relaxed for the first time in weeks, I knew this would be my favorite hideout moving forward.

To my delight, the menu splashed a delicious photo of the shop's special, steak and eggs. I was in heaven, and my stomach was willing to forgive me for the lack of feeding these last few days.

I was content with paying my bill and heading back home.

Until rounding the corner where I ran into Jaclyn.



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