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Unexpected Greeting-52

Of the unnatural kind

Pulling into the police parking lot, Jaclyn is standing beside her car waiting.

I take a deep breath exiting my SUV to join her, she holds my hand.

“I phoned ahead, office Davis is on duty tonight, he will meet us at the door.”

As we make our way around to the front entryway, officer Davis is standing outside waiting for us.

“Sir, Miss, I think it would be best if we go somewhere neutral, meet me at the Mc Donalds near the hospital.”

Jaclyn squeezes my hand as we walk back to her car.

Fifteen minutes later we are all sitting at a table manned with coffee and apple fritters.

“Sir, Jaclyn gave me a brief explanation on the phone, I think it’s best you give me your account for the record, please be as detailed as possible in explaining.”



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