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Unexpected Greeting-60

Of the unnatural kind

She’s right again, for a brief time I had forgotten I was a prime suspect, forgotten I had been visited by a ghost, forgotten about the inhuman voice which had taunted me.

I dress and hang that velvet robe across the back of one of the kitchen chairs.

Jacklyn enters looking no worse for wear.

“Forgetting something?”

I nibble the nape of her neck, then earlobe before kissing her trying to reach her heart with my tongue.

She rests her head against my shoulder.

“I meant you might want to comb your hair, but that was nice.”

I finger comb my hair “Better?”

“I put a new toothbrush in the bathroom, use it and the comb.”


She smiles timidly and smacks my butt as I leave the room.


“Much better, let’s go.”

“Do you have any decent Cantonese restaurants?”



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