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We Have the Power to Undo An Applause

Image by Ching Ching

Reminds me of the ‘unfriend’ button on Facebook.

This is a useful function, compare to paying writers by claps. 😏

Or fixing the bugs on Medium apps.

Or add a function to help writers with grammar.

There must be something about claps that I am missing.

Claps are addictive. They are like sunshine on a lonely article. I know a lot of writers like them too.

But I suspect some writers get too high on claps and if that happens, I can undo my claps. 😉

I am saving the writer from being deliriously happy. I signal to the writer that they should not get their hopes too high. After all, claps don’t even bring in the money.

It’s empowering me to share the reality with writers.

Check it out and share your experience with us. 😄



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