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We Love to Forage for Borage

Photo by Zach Gilseth on Unsplash

Borage belongs to the Forget-Me-Not family, and this annual aggressively reseeds. Bees and other pollinators love it. Borage produces copious nectar, and it makes for mellow honey.

This herb proves its versatility in the garden. Try its leaves in a salad or flowers in a tea. Herbal practitioners use borage to treat cough, fever, and even depression. Consult a physician.

Set it and forget it — that’s the motto. Once you plant borage, it will return unless you collect all the flowers. Bee sure to include this fuzzy, colorful hipster in your community garden.

Nomenclature: Borago officinalis
Tastes: Cucumber, honey, salty
Uses: Cheese, garnish, greens, folk medicine, seed oil, soups, tea, yogurts
Origin: Mediterranean

Recipe: Borage Greens and Walnut Sauce

Ingredients: Borage, walnuts, EVOO, salt, pepper, garlic, and lemon. See link.

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