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August 29th- September 4th

author’s journal

Pretty soon, it will all be bonfires, hayrides and beautiful leaves to drive through. So, I wanted to create one more page with flowers on it. I’ve never been much of a “flower girl” but lately, I’ve been digging their beauty, in part thanks to some of the articles I’ve read throughout the Cuppa.

I also love butterflies for their symbolism of new life.

I chose the quote because lately, I’ve been feeling blocked. We’ve finally finished moving. Now comes the unpacking. I haven’t been able to put as much effort as I’d like into my writing and especially responding to and writing comments.

The quote is a good reminder that we go through seasons like this. We’re not always blooming. However, it’s showing up to the page repeatedly that makes the difference.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week,




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