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Jun 9, 2024

We’re back and the kids have a new scheme.

a vector drawing of bone china tea cup and saucer with Victorian illustration of a ripe strawberry on it against a pale pink background
“Teacup:” Author prompted AI image w/ DALL-E 3

Making tea blends!
A few months ago they wanted to grow a tea garden, and now they’d like to make their own blends.

I blame my mother.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been traveling to visit my family. Last week my mom took me a little tea at a shop downtown.

We ordered “tea for two,” chose our teacups from the wall, and waited for our loose-leaf tea to brew. When it was ready, we doctored it with cream, and rock sugar, and made a morning of it. Mmmm.

My mom gets me.

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When I told the kids about it they wanted to go! They too enjoyed the tea and the ritual.

Now they want to “make a cottage tea industry.” Teehee!

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