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When a Flick of a Finger Rewards You With a Zesty Fruit

Another name — Baccaurea Polyneura Hook

I love TokNenek’s mini fruit forest. It surprises me with exotic trees like the ice cream beans and peanut butter trees.

I discovered ‘Buah Jentik’ recently, a reddish fruit similar texture to a pomegranate seed. (Loosely translates — ‘Finger Flick Fruit’)

Buah Jentik comes from a beautiful green tree with lush, dense foliage. An extremely suitable tree for mid-level canopy/layering for a fruit forest.

This tree grows 5 to 30 meters tall. A tropical tree, native in most warm Asian countries. Grows well in almost any soil and bear fruits all year round.

While ‘Abracadabra’ opens Aladdin’s secret cave, Buah Jentik simply needs a flick of a finger to pry open it’s outer skin to enjoy its sweet sourish fruit.



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