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Work the Gratitude Worksheet

Delve deeper into what you are grateful for

Photo by Mary Oloumi on Unsplash

This is a quick and easy gratitude exercise with prompts for you to respond to. Feel free to print them out and complete the sentences.

Here are the prompts:

  • “I am grateful for my family because…”
  • “Something good happened this week and that is…”
  • “I am grateful for my friendship with… because…”
  • “I am grateful for who I am because…”
  • “Something silly that I am grateful for…”
  • “Something else I am grateful for…”

That’s it. Enjoy the happy feeling when you answer these prompts.

I would love it if you shared a couple of your answers with me ❤

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles. Did you smile today?



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