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I asked my friend, landlord and previous co-worker if I could add him as one of my references. This is what he replied (translated from Norwegian):

“I’ve already prepared the manuscript:

Oh Chantell, sure I saw her sometimes. But you know what, she was mostly on sick-leave. And when she did come to work, she hid very well to avoid her work duties.

But I would meet her at the stamping machine sometimes (where we would stamp in and out, not sure about the proper term in English). Always slightly before the work shift was over.

But sure, besides that, she seemed nice enough.”

Telling you that I burst out laughing doesn’t even cut it! I wish you could read Norwegian as it is HILARIOUS in the native tongue.

Gotta love people with a great sense of humor. His message brightened up my evening.



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today, i am a feather adrift
among a crowd of flowing streams.

i walked down the street,
and the thought came to me:

i wish to be alone. i wish
the street were empty rather
than bustling, i wish the road
was silent instead of loud, i
wish the rustling of the leaves
and the…