Don’t allow your emotions to become YOU

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Whenever we are dealing with a negative emotion, we should ask ourselves the following:

Am I this emotion, or am I the person who is aware of the emotion?

Here’s an example: If you’re experiencing fear, have you always experienced fear? No. Are there times when you don’t experience any…



Vidya’s Monday Meditation

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose

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  • Relax in a chair, both feet touching the ground.
  • Rest your arms at your side.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Slowly begin to smile.
  • Feel your cheeks expand and your lips stretch over your teeth.
  • Are your lips dry? Wet?
  • Is your mouth open/closed?
  • Notice how your face stretches.
  • Which way does…



Easy yet really fun to create

In any journal I create, there are usually a few quotes pages.

It’s powerful to set intentions or consider what the quote says to us personally while creating. It’s then there as a reminder when we go back to review pages created- whether days or years from now.

It’s the same way with affirmations, favorite facts, and writing down goals.

The quote can be the focus or written into the background of a page with a lot of different elements. I usually keep mine front and center.



Of the unnatural kind

Danila Rusanov

As she settles back into her seat I struggle to regain my breath while preventing the missile launch sequence.

I am only partially successful at the latter.

“I like watching you squirm,” Jaclyn announces.

I start the car and drive, hoping I can refocus my attention and blood flow.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather stay at my apartment tonight?”

“Jaclyn as you pointed out, we have a mystery to solve and if I stay I hardly feel discovery will have any relevance to Marcela or her demise.”


I pull into the lot and park beside my SUV.

“Are you all right to drive?”


Jaclyn traverses the armrest shifter instead of walking around the vehicle.


“I can be very flexible.”

“You’re killing me, Jaclyn. I’ll follow you back.”

She closes the door wearing a smile.