Of the unnatural kind

Kadir Akman

“Have proof in my car, the leftovers and an envelope he had me take.”
“He who?”

“Andy, the owner!”

My excitement has alarmed the staff along with Jacklyn. I am no match for the sedation added to my I.V.

The tenseness begins to melt away as I see Jaclyn pull the envelope from her purse. The same large green one Andy had gifted me, asking me not to open it until the right time had come along.

The bantering over knowing the right time returning to me in a clouded vision of Andy and I like siblings in a challenge.

The look on Jaclyn's face upon opening it and looking through the contents was something akin to both pain and outrage.

“Did you save the chicken pot pie? What’s in the envelope?”

Jaclyn exits like the walking dead, without response or emotion.



Can you allow yourself to play?

photo by me

Recently, a journaling challenge asked participants to do a triple layer tag to show on Instagram. I hadn’t created any kind of tag, let alone a triple layer. However, I had an idea of what they were.

I didn’t want to watch a bunch of videos (though that can sometimes help depending on the project). I wanted to drop expectations and play. I didn’t want to be influenced by others. It resulted in four tags I really loved.

Now that I’ve completed it, I’m going to go back and look through others’ ideas and designs for future inspiration.

When we try something new, there’s pressure to make it hard. Sometimes a desire to expect perfection. Especially if it doesn’t change anything else, allow yourself to be a beginner and experiment. You’ll likely enjoy it more.




I’m mashing Yukon Golds for dinner

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash

Russets are classic, and I use them often.

Sometimes — like today — I like the creaminess of Yukon Golds.

I peel my potatoes with either variety, and typically use my electric mixer (or occasionally a hand-masher). I hear my grandma’s voice in my head, urging me to make sure…